I am writing to express my appreciation of one of your employees.
My elderly mother lives near to where you have a current building project, Ling lane, Scarcroft, Leeds.
A scallywag removed a roof tile from my mother’s property, presumably in order to offer to do a repair – at an inflated price.
Upon discovering the problem, I was keen to get it fixed and noticed one of your vans parked nearby. I then met ‘Fred’, who willingly inspected the property and immediately offered to help out.
After taking a photo of the type of roof tiles used (my mother’s property is nearly 50 years old), Fred said he would contact his supplies manager. He added, “I’ll fit it for free if we can find a match.”
Sure enough he found a matching tile and quietly fitted it. When I approached him afterwards, to thank him, he modestly said that he didn’t expect payment and was clearly keen to do it out of pure goodwill.
We are deeply grateful to him. He is a fine ambassador for your company and should we or our friends need roofing work done in future we would immediately think of you, thanks to Fred.